“OPT-PROx” is a software specially developed for thermal food processing numerical optimization. The diversity of thermal food processing optimization problems with different objectives and required constraints are solvable by OPT-PROx software. The adaptive random search algorithm coupled with penalty functions approach, and the finite difference method with cubic spline approximation are utilized by OPT-PROx for simulation and optimization of thermal food


The following objective functions and constraints are supported by "OPT-PROx" software.

Objective functions:
  • Minimization of total processing time.
  • Minimization of cooking value.
  • Maximization of Surface quality retention.
  • Maximization of Average quality retention.

  • Surface quality retention.
  • Average quality retention.
  • Cooking value.
  • Thermal lethality value.
  • Total thermal processing time.

The developed user friendly dialogue and used numerical procedures makes the  “OPT-PROx” software useful for food scientists (research and education). 

"Thermal processing is an important method of food preservation in the manufacture of shelf stable canned foods, and has been the cornerstone of the food processing industry for more than a century" (A. Teixeira)

What's NEW?

OPT-PROx 1.0 alpha-version is released.

OPT-PROx 1.5 alpha-version is released.

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thermal processing optimization software
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processes. The possibility of numerical estimating the thermal diffusivity coefficient based on the mean squared error function minimization is included.
“OPT-PROx” software was successfully tested on the real thermal food processing problems.